Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Post and an Unexpected Testimonial

Here's wishing everyone a wonderfully warm and relaxing summer, as the end of our chilly Spring marches its way off the stage. Bowen Island is beautiful year-round, but if you really want to catch a glimpse of why British Columbia is 'beautiful', you have to see it in the summer!

We had the pleasure of hosting a party for a prominent Vancouver charitable organization this month. The event was a great success! We received countless compliments from guests, and even overheard a few guests talking amongst themselves about how they regret booking their Wedding venue elsewhere. What an unfortunate situation for timing, but we were thrilled to hear that they loved it here, and hope more people get a chance to see our venue up close and personal. Make sure to check out the Promo Tab if you plan to come scope us out. :)

Onto the 'Guest Post' portion of this update! One of our talented event staff was bar tending at the June charity event we hosted, and she wanted to share a couple of pictures she took using Instagram.

She also wrote us a lovely testimonial which she insisted we post on our blog, so here it is:

"I feel so privileged to be involved in the events held on Alderwood Farm. Everyone involved is such a pleasure to work with, and the guests are always thrilled about their experience there. There has never been an event where several guests didn't come up to me and go on about how wonderful the experience was. The venue is truly breathtaking, but its the people behind the event; the staff and the organizers, who truly take it to the next level. I recommend Alderwood as a Wedding Venue to every single person I ever encounter who is looking for a location. It's not just because I work there and know the organizers, but because I stand behind every aspect of the events from the food and planning to the decoration and the final result. No picture ever taken will do Alderwood justice, so if you are reading this now, you need to get out there and see it for yourself. There is a magic on that farm that simply cannot be captured in any way but by being there and feeling it. Any event at Alderwood is destined to be one that will stay with you forever, so it's worth checking out."

Thank you for the testimonial, we appreciate it!

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